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Saving rainforest one meter at a time!

Cuipo launched in 2010 as a community of global problem solvers with a mission is to preserve the large rainforests of the world. Our aim is to empower global companies and individuals to join our Corporate Social Responsibility platform in a unified blockchain ecosystem. We remove the barriers of entry and unlock the enormous potential of positive corporate impact.


Cuipo pledges to preserve our planet’s most vital ecosystem by using the latest technology to empower individuals and corporations to act and become responsible trustees of our world. We pledge to make rainforest preservation fun, practical and easy. Our preservation efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to stop rainforest deforestation is to work with partners to protect the land and its biodiversity.


Rainforest Trust

Every square meter saved through the purchase of a product or service throught the Cuipo API platform, or redeemed through our Save Rainforest program, is donated to Rainforest Trust a foundation dedicated to the preservation of tropical rainforest.

Rainforest Trust safeguards and preserves each square meter of rainforest in perpetuity. By teaching skills required for gainful employment in preservation, Rainforest Trust employs locals and indigenous groups as park rangers and stewards of the preserved rainforest.

Why save rainforest?


Cuipo has assembled a
team of environmental, blockchain and technology experts to directly combat rainforest deforestation

Tom Murray

Founding Member

Thomas is responsible for developing and managing Culpo’s efforts with non-profit fundraising and affiliations with media projects.

Tom is also a co-founder of the Two Oceans funds, which has been acquiring, managing and developing property in the Republic of Panama since 2006. With more than thirty years of experience, Tom has a proven track record in launching, growing, and managing successful businesses within the real estate and high technology sectors.

After attending the University of Southern California’s School of Business Administration, he worked for Hewlett-Packard in South Africa, Europe, and the United States. He was a co-founder and investor in several successful start-up companies, including Baan Business Systems California. After managing consistent revenue performance in both sales and consulting, he orchestrated the acquisition of the company by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P a leading Wall Street hedge fund.

Ricardo Porteus

Founding Member

Ricardo is a entrepreneurial business and technology leader disrupting current tools to harness web technology for positive impact. Ricardo has worked and launched over 200 web projects, apps and marketing platforms for global corporate client list. Ricardo was previously the Global Director of Marketing at the recently acquired Pacha Group, the world’s most iconic nightlife and entertainment brand based in Ibiza Spain. Responsible for scaling consumer systems, franchise launch campaigns, festival and club tour initiative, talent development and customer acquisition strategy.

Ricardo has been interviewed and featured on the front pages of Forbes, Financial Times, Guardian, Huffington Post, Tech City News, TDWI, Wired Magazine and many more leading publications in technology for his endeavors.

Geof Rochester

Founding Member

Prior to joining Cuipo, Geof served seven years working for the Nature Conservancy forging marketing partnerships and also as its first CMO. As CMO he was responsible for steering the organization’s marketing, membership and brand strategies. Geof has a deep and varied marketing background. Whilst at TNC Geof pushed the organization to broaden support for the environment by going after mega brand partners and unusual collaborations. Some of these have included Macys, Subway, Harley Davidson, Univision, Globo, and a host of other leading brands around the world.

Before the Nature Conservancy, Geof served as the Executive Vice President for Marketing at World Wrestling Entertainment. Prior to that position, he served as Senior Vice President for Marketing at Showtime Networks. He has also held senior marketing positions at Comcast Communications, Radisson Hotels International and Procter and Gamble. A graduate of Georgetown University, Geof received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was born in Barbados, but has lived most of his life in the United States. He also serves on the following boards: Georgetown University Alumni Senate, ecoAmerica, and MindSpark Learning. In the recent past Geof has spoken at the ecoAmerica Climate Leadership Summit, the Sun Valley Institut

Alan Laubsch...

Founding Member

Alan is an entrepreneur, connector, and a thought leader in natural green finance and sustainability. His mission is to protect Earth’s most vital ecosystems by democratizing natural capital investment. Alan is a founder and Chief Strategist of GenBlue, a venture studio dedicated to building a liquid global natural capital marketplace. Previously, Alan established Natural Capital Markets at Lykke AG, and listed the world’s first mangrove and Blue Carbon-backed blockchain token (TREE). He has over two decades of risk management experience with leading financial institutions, and was a founding member of the RiskMetrics Group, a JPMorgan spin-off. Alan is an avid kitesurfer and an ocean lover.

Michael Longoria

Founding Member

Michael has several years experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies as a miner, investor, educator, researcher and advisor.

Michael is the Executive Director of ImpactX, a distributed ledger technology consulting and advisory firm, and a student of Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. Michael lead the creation of a Blockchain R&D Department as a technology consultant, has written guides on cryptocurrency investing best practices, hosted public talks and workshops on blockchain technologies and independently advised blockchain projects on tokenomic structure and growth strategy. Michael received a BS in Financial & Decision Engineering and a minor in Economics from Stanford University.

Hanieh Sadat


Hanieh Sadat is a managing partner at Genesys One Capital. A hedge fund that invests in digital Assets. She is a former VP of Morgan Stanley, Private Wealth Management. She has been trading traditional assets and managing portfolios for select group of family offices and institutions since 2006. She is the founder of ImpactX – a token generation event advisory firm for impact projects and securing TGE (token generation event) deals for international investors in the past year. Hanieh drives the fund’s capital raising, deal flow, networking, strategic partnerships, and more. She is a treasurer at American Renewable Energy institute in Aspen.

Bremley Lyngdoh Ph.D...

CEO at Worldview Impact

Bremley was born in Shillong – The Scotland of the East located in the highlands of Meghalaya in North East India and left home at 17 on a mission: To see Sustainable Development pushed and practiced across the planet. His experience at the 1995 UN 50th Anniversary Assembly in New York left him convinced that helping people build a better life through social, environmental, and economic development was what he wanted to do. He returned to India to join the Consortium of Indian Scientists for Sustainable Development and worked on a project to combat desertification and to regenerate the desert ecosystem in Rajasthan. Soon followed the prestigious WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship for Environmental Leadership. Bremley then joined UNDP and worked on the Gulf of Mannar biodiversity protection project in Tamil Nadu. This led to a move to New York to join the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Secretariat where he worked with the different major groups of Agenda 21. His Prime Minister in India then appointed him as the Youth Ambassador for his country at the UN Millennium Summit where he addressed world leaders at the 2000 Millennium Assembly. He then joined the Environment Department of the World Bank and worked on linking poverty reduction and environmental management by analyzing policy challenges and opportunities after which he moved to Boston and joined the Education Development Center. As an explorer he has travelled to 75 countries around the world on different missions. Bremley received post graduate degrees from Columbia University in the USA, the London School of Economics in the UK, the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the Intercultural Open University in the Netherlands. He has a dual Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from the Azteca University in Mexico and the Central University in Nicaragua. He is the Founder and CEO of Worldview Impact, the Co­Founder of the Global Youth Action Network and Co­Chairs the United Nations CSD Education Caucus.

Dr. Arne Fjørtoft


He successfully served as reporter and news anchorman in Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio and television networks from 1964 to 1985. As a reporter on international issues he focused on Human rights and Sustainable development. In between he initiated several development projects, among them the first Norwegian Youth based international project in 1967, Cey-Nor Development Foundation serving disadvantaged fishing communities in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Fjørtoft was elected Chairman of Venstre, the Green-Liberal Party of Norway (the country’s eldest party) in 1986. He served till 1990. During this period, Venstre became Norway’s first party with a clear target for reduction of climate gases in the lead for a global campaign to reduce the danger of Global warming. Other parties did not follow and an historic chance was lost.

Also he initiated the first national television network in Nepal and several community radio networks. In 1992 he initiated Radio Democratic Voice of Burma in cooperation with Burmese opposition leaders. This short wave radio network played a significant role in the process for democracy in Burma.

Russell Meakin


Nick Braithwaite


Tom Edmonds

UI/UX Designer

Bartosz Blimk

Rails Developer

The power to make a positive environmental impact is so simple and easy to do, if you only purchase from brands with an environmental impact built into their core values! BE the change we want to see in this world!


“We’ve realised that if we empower individuals, rather than rely on governments and a few wealthy people, we can start a groundswell movement all over the world that can actually make a difference and cause a change for the better.”